Introducing Skyshield

We are delighted to have launched our new skylight protection product “Skyshield” at the UK’s premier Roofing and Cladding exhibition at the Ricoh Arena this week (Jan 27-28). This product can be used for the dual purpose of either a temporary safety system or a permanent security function, so therefore could offer immediate cost savings from both a safety netting and insurance perspective.

Health and Safety is unfortunately an often derided phrase, which can draw anything from a casual rolling of the eyes to out-and-out ridicule. However, it’s absolutely no coincidence that an increased focus on H&S over the years has directly correlated with a decrease in injuries and fatalities in the workplace and especially in “working at heights” environments. Inductions, site instructions, applications of rules and regulations are now part and parcel of “on site” work places, which are enforced to minimise, as far as possible, injuries, accidents, or worse. In other words, H&S is a serious business and shouldn’t receive the half-hearted response it sometimes does.

Our system has been tested and certified by the BRE and can be used as a temporary H&S solution, while work on a roof is being carried out, or as a permanent security feature, but either way it is an effective solution to prevent accidents while reinforcing a company’s commitment to H&S and the welfare of its contractors and employees. We’re seeing more and more of our install partners wining solar PV business and tenders not on the basis of being the cheapest, but as result as offering the biggest commitment to H&S and a real attention to detail to it. We see this pattern only increasing in the future.

Sky Shield is manufactured at the same plant in the Czech Republic as our high quality ground mount systems and are made from hot rolled steel, before being hot-dipped galvanised. It is also has Class B (non-fragile) Certification as tested by Building Research Establishment (BRE), to ensure its credibility even further. Skyshield is available in a variety of standard sizes (1m x 1m – 1m x 4m) and bespoke applications can be catered for, too, so for further information or to find out more about where and why major UK retailer B&Q have already installed the system, please feel free to contact us –