We've partnered with Polish based installer Specjalisci Energetyczni

Sunfixings are proud to announce an  exclusive partnership agreement with Specjalisci Energetyczni, www.specjaliscienergetyczni.pl, to distribute, develop and promote our products to the solar PV market in Poland.

Both our companies have already collaborated on a number of solar PV projects in Poland, installed to the highest standard of workmanship by Specjalisci Energetyczni and technically supervised by our business partners Lukas Grzéskowiak and Pawel Merkel. This is a very exciting development into a thriving solar market in Poland and we will continue to update you on our future cooperation.

Since the 2nd quarter 2017, Specjali?ci Energetyczni have installed 730kw + of the Sunfixings Light Tegra flat roof, low ballasted solar PV mounting System. They are to be commended for using correct torque installation tools and values, their quality of cable management  and on their efficiency of installation, 0- 5kw in 35 minutes!!

Sunfixings Light Tegra north south and east west systems are complimented by full wind and snow load calculations derived from many years of wind tunnel testing and data. Our flat roof, low ballasted solar PV mounting systems are not subject to any height restrictions, offer the minimum ballast requirement and are most efficient to manage and distribute across the flat roof PVC, bitumen, asphalt, concrete or any other surface.


Sunfixings Group partnership with Specjalisci Energetyczni forms part of our ongoing expansion into the central and eastern European markets with good success already achieved in The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland and Finland solar photovoltaic markets. It is our intention to offer our customers new methods of deploying solar PV such as BIPV roof and façade systems ( 3 months ), solar PV carports (now available), fireproof In Roof residential solar PV mounting systems, bespoke new build construction PV and fantastic developments on standalone solar PV EV charging stations with battery storage.

Sunfixings are also progressing the sales development of a residential solar tile product complete with 30 year warranty and aesthetics like you have never seen before! To deliver all of the above in the United Kingdom and across Europe we are currently seeking experienced Business Development Managers who will fit with our core ethos – do it right for our customers and ourselves, be proud of what we offer, make profit and have fun!

Click here to see their recent video installation of our Light Tegra system.