Sunfixings Ltd and Panel Claw, Inc announce Exclusive European Partnership Agreement

With a deployed base of over 300MW of Polar Bear III HD in the US and India and an established supply chain with global reach for the product, PanelClaw ( proudly announces the launch of Polar Bear III HD 10 Degree in Europe through an exclusive partnership with Sunfixings Ltd.

“In Sunfixings, we have found a mirror image of our US flat roof team. They are highly technical, service oriented, and never compromised on reliability to win a deal,” states Costa Nicolaou, CEO of PanelClaw, Inc. “We care deeply about continuing to lower the cost of solar and providing the most reliable flat roof products to the world.”

PB III HD 10 Degree will be available in Europe starting in March 2018 and will be supported by Sunfixing’s UK based team. PanelClaw will provide full access to its advanced wind, snow and seismic engineering engine to Sunfixings to ensure that European partners not only benefit from a great product, but also from the years of testing necessary to yield reliability on flat roofs.

Sunfixings will offer a 20 year Limited Warranty and guaranteed ballast calculations to its partners for PB III HD . “Europe has suffered from lagging codes and standards for flat roof racking that have resulted in the deployment of under-engineered mounting systems that promise low prices, but deliver sub-par reliability. In PanelClaw, we have found a partner that matches our principles of cost-effectiveness matched with unparalleled flat roof reliability,” says Cathal Murphy, Managing Director of Sunfixings Ltd.

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